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My first guitar, 1962. Pick guard is painted on.

Portrait by brother Hud. 1968, I think.

The Timberland Singers, Christmas Day, 1965. My brand new Gibson B25. Thanks, Mom!

With Tom Mitchell. Kenwood Folk Festival, 1969.

By Jules Feiffer. Yaddo, Memorial Day, 1971


First photo with Victoria (& Blanche), July, 1972. Photo by Katharine Kreisher.

With Tom Mitchell & Victoria, Moon In Virgo Coffeehouse, Northeastern University, Boston, November, 1972.

By brother Hud. Santa Fe Swing, 1974.

With Victoria, Dane Lanken, Anna McGarrigle, Dave Van Ronk (behind Anna), Roy Book Binder behind Utah Phillips (with the hat), Kate McGarrigle and Rosalie Sorrels. The Parting Glass, Saratoga Springs, NY, October, 1989.  (Photo by Joseph Deuel)

With Victoria, Van Dyke Parks (two to my right) and David Jackson (far right), Pacific Palisades, July 4, 2001.


With Erik Darling (The Weavers) at Victoria's & our 30th wedding anniversary.

With Victoria & Mary McCaslin rehearsing "500 Miles" with Octavia Soule looking on at the Soule House, 2006

(l to r) Bill Zorn (Kingston Trio), Joe Bethancourt, Ellen Edmonson Murphy, Victoria, Don, Slim Rost, Earl Edmonson & Gaylan Taylor (Limelighters) October, 2012.

With Victoria & Slim Rost at the induction of Travis Edmonson into the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall Of Fame, October, 2012. I will always be Victoria's biggest fan.

With Tony Markellis & Tom Mitchell, Caffe Lena, September 8, 2014.

(Photo by Joseph Deuel)

With Andy Cohen, Caffe Lena, September, 2014.

With Hoyle Osborne & Jane Voss, June 15, 2014.

With Slim Rost, Nick Coventry & Greg Morton, June 2014.

With Michael Markowitz, Bobby Ronstadt & Slim Rost, Tubac, AZ, March, 2014.

Monterey Court, Tucson, January, 2015.

(Photo by Richard Conroy)



With Tom Mitchell, Nashville, TN, March 2015.

Presidio Park, Tubac, AZ, March, 2015, with Michael Markowitz, Tom Poley, Ted Ramirez, Slim Rost & Bobby Ronstadt.

(Photo by Kathy Baker-Addy)

(Photo by Kathy Baker-Addy)

CD Release party, Monterey Court, April 22, 2015 with Nick Coventry, Slim Rost, Peter McLaughlin and even a song from Victoria herself, accompanied by the incomparable Michael G. Ronstadt on cello. Photo by Bob Block


Here with Alvin Blaine & Bobby Ronstadt. One extraordinary evening. Photo by Bob Block.


Photo by Mary Buckley

Tucson Folk Festival, May, 2015, with Michael Markowitz, Bobby Ronstadt, Nick Coventry, Jim Lipson & Slim Rost.

Photo by Tammy Maki.

Photo by Bob Block.

With The Way Back Machine, June, 2915

Photo by Bob Block

Hoco Fest, 9/6/15

Photo by Petie Ronstadt

Monterey Court, Tucson, with Slim Rost, Michael Markowitz & Bobby Ronstadt.

Birthday bash 2015, (l - r): Peter McLauglin, Wally Lawder, Don, Evan Dain, Alvin Blaine, Mike Bartlett.

Paris, April 2016 with daughter Celeste.

Eiffel Tower, April 29,2016 with Celeste.

The Colliseum, Rome, May 1, 2016.

Photo by Celeste Armstrong

With my friend, Michael J. Ronstadt

With Ronstadt Generations (l - r): Alex Flores, Bobby Ronstadt, Don, Michael G. Ronstadt, Sam Eagon, Federico Jacome & Petie Ronstadt.


Birthday concert, Caffe Lena at the Grove, October 21, 2016. Photo by Geneva Henderson.

Monterey Court, Tucson, November, 2016 with Slim Rost & Jim Lipson.

Rehearsing for Club Congress with The WHISKEYPALIANS, (l to r:) Nick Coventry, Gary Mackender, Don, Peter McLaughlin, Slim Rost. Photo by Susan Holden, Feb., 2017.

WHISKEYPALIANS rehearsing for Club Congress, a RHYTHM & ROOTS Presentation, ( r.) Nick Coventry, Gary Mackender, Don, Peter McLaughlin & Slim Rost.

We done good. After the fact at Club Congress with Whiskeypalians & Special Guests (l. to r.): Alex Flores, Gary Mackender, Nick Coventry, Petie Ronstadt, Don, Peter McLaughlin & Slim Rost.


Marana Bluegrass Festival, Songwriter's Night, 2017, with (l to r): Slim Rost, Peter McLaughlin & Nick Coventry. Photo by Tammy Maki.

Back home at Caffe Lena with Tom Mitchell, 2017, ready for sound check. (Photo by Sarah Craig)

Sound check with special guests (l to r), Liz Hood, Teresina Huxtable & Carol Christensen.

Thanksgiving, 2017, with daughter, Celeste, about to take a submarine ride off the island of Maui. The trip was a 70th birthday gift from her, my son, Joaquin, and his girlfriend, Lisa, to spend the holiday with Celeste in her new Hawaiian home.

Caffe Lena,  September, 2018

Photo by Wanda Adams Fischer


Whiskeypalians with some Bacanora assistance from Banamichi, Mexico. Monterey Court, 2019, (l to r:) Slim Rost, Emmy Creigh, Don, Michael Markowitz, Nick coventry, Petie Ronstadt, Alvin Blaine, Michael G. Ronstadt & Gary Mackender. Photo by Jennie Dodd.

All sorts of Whiskeypalians at the Tucson Folk Festival, April, 2019. (L to R:)

Matt Rolland, Michael Markowitz, Alvin Blaine, Tucson Don, Slim Rost,

Nick & Luke, Gary Mackender, Bekah Rolland & Sabra faulk.

Landmark Sound Studios, Tucson. The Ronstadt Record Company. Making a record (L to r:) Petie Ronstadt, Ol' Don, Matt & Bekah Rolland.

An honor to work with these guys. Gary Mackender, to my left, on accordion & piano and Nick Coventry on violin. Spring, 2019.

With the great Earl Edmonson.

And Alvin Blaine.

And Petie Ronstadt

at the helm.

Whiskeys at Hotel Congress, May, 2019, with Whiskeyettes. (L To R:) Sabra Faulk, Bekah Rolland, Matt Rolland, Don, Slim Rost & Gary Mackender. Photo by Aspen Green.

Caffe Lena with Chris Brashear, Elizabeth Tighe, Michael Markowitz & Teresina Huxtable. And Christine Lavin in the audience! A brief tribute to our beloved friend, Liz Hood,


Whiskeypalians (Lex Browning, Slim Rost, Michael Markowitz & Gary Mackender) & Whiskeyettes (Sabra Faulk & Liz Cerepanya)at Monterey Court, Tucson, October, 2019.


The Whiskeypalians today: Liz Cerepanya, Slim Rost, Don, Nick Coventry, Gary Mackender & Peter Dalton Ronstadt. Monterey Court, Tucson, July, 2021.


Don with Liz & Pete. (Liz Cerepanya & Peter Dalton Ronstadt.) Photo by the driver.

The Bacanora Sessions, Canelo, AZ, June, 2021 with Liz & Pete. Photo by Bill Steen.


On the road with Liz & Pete,     Shutesbury, MA, September, 2021n O


Don, Liz & Pete, Caffe Lena, September, 2021

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